W&P Porthole

W&P Porthole Weather Centre (312800)

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Weems & Plath Porthole Weather Station Includes a quartz clock, barometer and Comfortmeter, inset in solid hard wood with mahogany finish that can be wall mounted or stand free on a desk or shelf. The highly polished brass finished instruments will never tarnish or discolor. A battery, an engravable brass plate, mounting hardware and a lifetime warranty are provided

W&P Porthole Desk Clock (312400)

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Weems & Plath Porthole Desk Clock This nautical style porthole desk clock is inset in solid American hardwood that has a mahogany finish and a scratch resistant sole. The polished brass finish of the quartz clock will never tarnish. It is perfect for the home or office and has a lifetime warranty. An engravable brass plate for personalization is included.

W&P Porthole Desk Set (313300)

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Weems & Plath Porthole Desk Set Set includes a clock & barometer set into a mahogany finish base made from solid North American hard wood. The polished brass finish is tarnish free & never scratches. There’s an indentation in the wood base for a pen; & rubber feet underneath to protect the desk. Battery & brass plate for engraving are included. Lifetime warranty.